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We depend on fresh, clean water each and every day – to brush our teeth, enjoy a cool drink, cook dinner, bathe a brand-new baby, or any of hundreds of other things we do each day.  A high-quality water supply is crucial to public health.  Behind every drop of water you drink, there is a hard-working team of GUC professionals who are committed to your safety. 

Our highly trained, state-certified Water Treatment Plant staff continuously monitor the treatment process to ensure our water meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. Chemists and water quality technicians conduct more than 100,000 tests for hundreds of substances each year to ensure that your drinking water is safe. Together, our team of dedicated employees has won many awards for the quality of our treated water. 

We also have highly skilled crews that maintain the distribution system of ground storage and elevated water tanks as well as more than 700 miles of mains to ensure our high-quality water reaches you in top condition. 

We serve all of Greenville, and many parts of Pitt County (service area map). Whether it’s for a primary customer or in times of need for neighboring communities, our employees take a great deal of pride in safely and reliably providing this critical resource in an environmentally responsible manner. 

From the way we filter the water to the way in which it passes through our water towers, the Water Resources Department is dedicated to being good stewards of the environment. Learn more about our efforts for a clean future