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Deposits & Fees

The initial deposit is set in accordance with the various services required along with the applicant's credit score. If you have established a good payment history with Greenville Utilities or another utility company, you may not be required to pay a deposit. A current Greenville Utilities’ customer can cosign for you in lieu of paying a deposit. Cosigners must be current GUC customers, with a good payment history and at least 2 years of active service (for a homeowner) or 5 years of active service (for renters). When your bill is paid before the due date for one year, you may qualify to have your deposit credited to your account.

Due Date
Your utility bill is due upon receipt and becomes past due 20 days after the billing date. A late fee of 1% of the past due amount is assessed on all balances that are not paid within approximately 23 days of the bill date. To ensure continued services, be sure to pay within approximately 30 days of the billing date. Should we need to disconnect your service for non-payment, the reconnection fees are $35 during regular business hours and $55 after regular hours.

Returned Check Fee
A Returned Check Fee of $25 will be collected on any check or bank draft not honored by your financial institution. Upon receipt of the returned item you will be given 7 days written notice to make a cash payment equal to the returned item plus the service charge. We reserve the right to request cash-only payments when two payments have been returned during the previous 12 months.