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Prepare Now

Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for storms, and things to remember during storms.

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We're Prepared

Preparing for significant weather events a year-round activity for GUC. We are constantly doing what we can to ensure our systems are in the best condition possible and that we have an adequate supply of materials to handle whatever comes our way.

Tree Trimming is one way we prepare throughout the year. Our Line Clearing Crews work daily on trimming branches and trees that threaten overhead power lines. Strong winds and heavy rains can cause tree branches to break and fall on power lines. Keeping them cut back helps prevent outages. More details about GUC's Tree Trimming program.

We hope you don’t experience any outages or emergencies, but if you do, we are here to help! Our toll-free Emergency Hotline and Outage Map and Online Reporting system are quick and easy ways to report an outage or other utility emergency. Just call  the hotline at 1-855-767-2482 or visit the outage map.