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Safety First Commitment

The natural gas industry as a whole invests billions of dollars in research, testing, damage prevention, training and awareness building efforts to ensure pipeline safety. As further assurance, the natural gas pipeline system is regulated by numerous federal and state government agencies.

Though pipeline leaks and incidents occur only rarely, keeping the delivery of natural gas safe for everyone remains our highest priority. From design and construction to operations and maintenance, natural gas utilities and pipeline companies like ours set high standards to keep natural gas pipelines incident free. That’s why, in addition to following state and federal pipeline safety regulations, GUC sponsors public education programs and performs system inspections using sophisticated leak detection equipment.

In Greenville/Pitt County, we work closely with public fire and safety officials to promote natural gas safety. Damage prevention education and training takes place at least once a year, so local officials are prepared and know how to respond if there ever is a natural gas emergency.

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For more information on natural gas safety, please contact GUC at 252-551-1587.