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Greenville Utilities provides electric, natural gas, water and sewer services for most of Pitt County and you can sign up for everything you need at one time, and you'll only get one bill.

Speed up and simplify the application process right here online. Requests for new service can be made up to ten days in advance.  Start the application process.

You can also pay your bill online, and get information about your account (like your bill history, usage summary, etc.). If you move, you can transfer or disconnect your service online. You can also find out about other services GUC offers like AutoPay, our automatic bank draft program. You can even get energy saving tips to help you save money.

Come See Us or Give Us a Call!
You can take care of business in one of our offices as well. We have two locations. The Main Office is located in uptown Greenville at 401 S. Greene Street and GUC Express is located at 509 SE Greenville Blvd, across the street from Olive Garden.

Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are available to help you on the telephone weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – just dial  252- 752-7166.


Can I put my account in my parents' name? What about a deposit?
At your parents' request, your utility service may be put in their name. They can apply  online or they will need to complete a "Request for Utility Service" application (which must be notarized) and mail it to Greenville Utilities, PO Box 1847, Greenville, NC 27835-1847, attn: Customer Service. A "letter of credit" from your parents' power company should be included with the application. You can download the application here or pick one up at GUC's Main Office (401 S. Greene Street) or at GUC Express (509 SE Greenville Blvd.).

You can also set up the account in your name.  Find out more and get started.

In either case, the initial deposit is set in accordance with the various services required along with the applicant's credit score. If you or your parents have established a good payment history with Greenville Utilities or another utility company, a deposit may not be required. A current Greenville Utilities' customer can cosign for you in lieu of paying a deposit. Cosigners must be current GUC customers, with a good payment history and at least 2 years of active service (for a homeowner) or 5 years of active service (for renters). After being a Greenville Utilities customer for one year, you may qualify to have your deposit credited to your account.

More information about deposits and credit policies

Should I Be At Home When Services Are Connected?
You must be home when your natural gas service is connected. For your safety and protection of personal property, we also encourage you to be home when your electric and water services are connected. Make sure all heat producing appliances (stoves, ovens, toasters, space heaters, clothes dryers, hair dryers, etc.) are off or unplugged before your electricity is turned on. You should also make sure that all water connections (faucets, ice makers, washing machine hookups, etc.) are completely off when your water is turned on.

Does GUC Collect Garbage?
Greenville Utilities does not collect garbage. The City of Greenville provides this service. We have found that our customers prefer to pay all their utilities at one time, so we provide billing services for the City's refuse (garbage) collection, and stormwater fees.

When City of Greenville residents activate a GUC account, the stormwater and refuse fees are activated as well. Please note that new accounts are signed up at the curbside refuse collection rate for single-family homes and the multi-family rate for residences with dumpsters. For more information about refuse collection and stormwater services, please contact the City of Greenville at 252-329-4522 or visit the City's  website

The health and welfare of our customers is our top priority. Please click on the following link for details about issues affecting GUC water customers.

Information About Chloramines for Kidney Dialysis Patients and Fish Owners