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Service Application Process

Once you decide you're ready to take advantage of the affordable luxury, not to mention the safety, economic, and reliability advantages of natural gas, contact us at 252-752-7166 to complete an application for natural gas service. 

At the time of application, a $125.00 (plus tax) Application Fee is due. This covers the installation of 100 linear feet of service pipe from your property line to your desired meter location*. If your requested meter location is further than 100 linear feet from your property line, a $2.00 per-foot Extra Footage Fee will be calculated and billed after the installation. 

In addition to the Application Fee, a Meter Installation/Turn-On Fee of $77.50 will also be collected.

In addition, a licensed contractor will need to either convert existing, compatible propane appliances to use natural gas, or install piping to newly purchased natural gas appliances. 

* To ensure safety, gas meters cannot be placed within three feet of an opening into the structure (such as an operable window, door, foundation vent, dryer vent, etc.) or electric source (such as an electric meter, outlet, HVAC unit, tankless water heater, generator, etc.).