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Tree Trimming

Making sure our customers have reliable service is why GUC prepares for emergencies all year. Tree Trimming is one way we protect our system and ensure reliability.

During storms or high winds, tree limbs can fall on power lines and cause outages. Tree Trimmers keep the trees near our power lines cut to help prevent outages. They work on a three-year cycle and are careful about how they do their job. They consider what species of tree they’re working on and treat slow-growing trees, such as Dogwoods and Crepe Myrtles, differently than trees that grow more quickly, like Poplars and Sycamores. They also pay close attention to where each cut is made, making sure they trim to a natural sprout to keep the tree green, healthy and continuously growing.

We do all we can to make sure that no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature brings our way, you have the services you depend on.

Our Tree Trimming Policy.

Check out this short video with more details about our Tree Trimming process: