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Gas Stove

Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the safest, most affordable and environmentally sound energy sources around. We provide natural gas through a safe, reliable system throughout the Greenville region. The gas system continues to grow through customer requests and expansion. 

Have you considered building a new home or renovating your existing home? Think about how upgrading to natural gas will bring value to your life. 

Chefs and top cooks prefer to cook on natural gas stovetops. You get more control over your cooking temperature, faster cook times, and better treatment of your cookware. Natural gas ovens offer better temperature control, quicker heat-up and cool-down times, and moist cooking for better results. 

Ever thought about an indoor fireplace or wood stove? Natural gas fireplaces safely provide a constant temperature, without sparks, hauling wood, or cleaning up ashes. You don’t need a chimney, and gas fireplaces have considerably lower CO2 emissions than wood-burning ones.  All these benefits come in a stylish package and work with the simple flip of a switch – instant on and off. There are even gas fireplaces with a blower that circulates warmed air throughout your home, not just in one room.

Want your fire outside? Natural gas fire pits are so much easier and more convenient than wood fire pits. Turn on and off in an instant, without worrying about wood, sparks, or smoke getting in your eyes. Enjoy your time with family and friends with fewer worries about your carbon footprint, as natural gas burns much cleaner than wood.

Chillin’ and grillin’? Never worry about running out of flame in the middle of grilling. Natural gas supplies all the flame you need without the stress of changing tanks. 

When you need a hot bath or shower, a tankless gas water heater ensures that you never have to worry about someone else using up all of the hot water. You’ll also save money by only heating the water you use.  

Dual fuel HVAC systems use the best of both worlds. Heat pumps are great for air conditioning, but in the cold of the winter, natural gas heat strips provide a fast, efficient, and more economical way of providing that boost of heat. Even better, you feel the warmth right away. 

Emergency generator? A natural gas generator means that you’ll never have to worry about filling or storing gasoline tanks in case of emergency.

Find out how the cost of natural gas compares to other fuel sources.

Ready to experience the affordable luxury of natural gas? Getting set up is just a phone call away.