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Safety Inside and Outside Your Property

Underground utilities, including natural gas pipelines, exist everywhere. You are responsible for gas lines from the gas meter to your home or business. If you have natural gas service, there is a natural gas line on your property that goes to your meter and another that goes from the meter into your home. Once a year, you should have a plumbing or heating contractor locate and inspect the lines that run from the meter to your home and make necessary repairs.

In addition, it’s important to familiarize yourself with any pipeline markers that exist on your property. They may be found near a pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW). The ROW provides sufficient space for pipeline operators to inspect and perform maintenance on the pipeline. If you ever damage or knock over one of these pipeline markers, contact the pipeline operator.

In your community, watch for markers indicating where natural gas pipelines are located. Pipeline markers include the phone number you should use in case of an emergency.

Safety & Your Natural Gas Meter

It's important to keep safety in mind around your natural gas meter. We require that there is a 3-foot clearance around the meter, and these five guidelines will help ensure everyone's safety:

1. Do not plant anything within three feet of your gas meter.

2. Do not build anything within three feet of your gas meter, such as a deck.

3. Do not install anything that could ignite within three feet of your gas meter, such as a water heater.

4. Do not chain animals to your gas meter.

5. Do not build fences around your gas meter.



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For more information on natural gas safety, please contact GUC at 252-551-1587.