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Interconnection Application Process

After reviewing and selecting the desired metering arrangement and its applicable electric rate schedule, customers shall notify GUC of their plans to install a renewable generation system prior to construction via the submittal of an Interconnection Application. The application and the required documents to be submitted for GUC review can be found below. The Reference Design Diagrams may be used as an additional resource to assist with the design and configuration of the interconnected system. At any time during the application process listed below, customers are encouraged to contact GUC with any questions that may arise.   

Interconnection/Application Process  

  1. Customer shall submit an Interconnection Application and Required Documents for GUC review and approval to 
  1. The Non-refundable Processing Fee documented within the application will be invoiced against the customer’s account number noted on the application where payment can be submitted via the following options listed below.  
  1. GUC will provide contingent approval to the customer to proceed with installation following the review and approval of the Interconnection Application. If additional information or revisions are needed, GUC will notify the customer prior to providing contingent approval. 
  1. Customer shall submit a Certificate of Completion along with approved Permits to GUC to schedule time for the new meter to be installed as requested per the Interconnection Application. GUC will also need to receive notice of an approval inspection from the Inspection Department prior to scheduling the installation of the new meter.  
  1. Final approval to operate the renewable generation system will be provided by GUC following the installation of the new meter. At that time, the customer will be assigned to the new electric rate schedule applicable to the meter arrangement requested. 


Interconnection Application & Certificate of Completion 

For Renewable Generation Systems No Larger than 20 kW: 


For Renewable Generation Systems Larger than 20 kW and additional information in regards to interconnection procedures, please reference the following: 


Required Documents to be submitted with Interconnection Application 

  • System Design Plans 
  • (Site Layout, Electric Line Diagram, etc.) 
  • Manufacturer Spec Sheets for All Equipment 
  • (Solar Panels, Inverter, Battery Storage System, etc.) 
  • Any additional information regarding the project 
  • (RPC Form, Homeowner Insurance, etc.) 


Reference Design Diagrams 

TOU w/ Demand Net Metering or Renewable Excess Energy Buy Back Metering 

Submit Interconnection Applications, Required Documents, and Certificate of Completions to: 


Interconnection Application Fees may be payable via one of the following methods with the customer’s account number: