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Area Served

This map shows our water resources service area, which is all of Greenville, as well as other parts of Pitt County. To find out if your location is served by GUC, call 252-551-1551. 

  • To the north, we serve customers along Staton Mill Road up to just south of Sandy Ridge. Much of this area is rural and relies on wells.
  • Greenville Utilities provides water to Town of Bethel residents.
  • Looking northeast, our service area runs along Whichard Road, to the intersection of Old Creek Road and Mason School Road, and to where US 264 intersects with Ram’s Horn Road. The Stokes Water Corporation serves much of the area to our Northeast beyond that.
  • Moving southeast, we provide water to the Bradford Creek area, including the Deveron Subdivision, and Brook Valley. The Cherry Oaks subdivision, Town of Simpson, and much of the area to our east and southeast are served by Eastern Pines Water Corporation.
  • South of Greenville, our service area includes the Windsor sub­divison, as well as Irish Creek. We also serve County Home Road to its intersection with Worthington, as well as along Worthington to its intersection with the Fork Swamp Canal.  The Town of Winterville serves to the east for Fork Swamp Canal on Worthington, as well as its residents.  The Towns of Ayden and Grifton serve customers within their city limits.
  • To the southwest of Greenville, our service area includes the neighborhoods along Davenport Farm Road out to the Taberna subdivision and up to the Teakwood subdivision. GUC also serves along Reedy Branch Road to Forelines Road including the Bristolmoor subdivision. 
  • To our west, we extend just past, and including Rock Springs, on 264 and up to Ironwood.
  • The Bell Arthur Water Corporation serves most of the area to our west.
  • To the northwest, our service area extends to Belvoir, right up to the Edgecombe County line.

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