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You can count on Greenville Utilities to provide you with safe, fresh, clean water. We are dedicated to that goal and committed to your safety. That’s why we want to make sure you know how to prevent cross connections and backflow.

A cross connection is a link between a potable (drinking) water system and a non-potable water system. Contamination can occur when a water supply line to a customer is connected to equipment containing a substance not fit for drinking, creating back-flow (reversal of normal flow of a liquid solid or gas). Installation and maintenance of appropriate backflow prevention assemblies or devices prevents contamination of supply lines from cross connections.

Failing to adequately prevent or control backflow events could have significant negative health and economic impacts.

Commercial and Industrial customers are responsible for installing and testing backflow prevention assemblies on their water service connections. The assemblies are tested when they are installed and then annually thereafter by a Greenville Utilities-certified tester. In addition, residential customers with new irrigation systems must be connected to a separate irrigation water meter.

GUC holds semi-annual tester's certification courses, in the spring and fall, to enable plumbers and technicians to better service the needs of our customers. The tester’s certification courses are part of our comprehensive program designed to protect our water system from harmful cross-connections. All backflow testers must complete a re-certification course every two years.

Courses are subject to change or cancellation in accordance with CDC, State, and GUC policy.

All courses are currently filled. The fall class schedule will be posted in August.

Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course
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Re-certification Course 
The re-certification course will be offered as follows:

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Current List of Certified Testers

Backflow Test and Maintenance Form

For more information about preventing backflow and GUC's Cross-Connection Control Program, call 252-551-3399.

Ready for Winter?
Watch this video about how to winterize your backflow preventer.