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Beat The Peak

If you have an electric water heater, central air conditioning unit or heat pump, you can save up to $70 a year by helping us “Beat-the-Peak.” Thousands of Greenville Utilities customers -- probably many of your friends and neighbors -- are already participating in the program.

By reducing “peaks,” which occur when all of our customers use the greatest amount of electricity, we can hold down the cost of wholesale power we purchase.

The summer program gives you credit on your utility bill during July, August, September and October. Summer credits can total $40 annually -- $20 for the water heater control and $20 for the central air conditioning control.

If you participate in Beat-the-Peak’s winter program you will receive a credit on your utility bill during January, February and March. Winter credits total $30 annually -- for electric furnace control or heat pump heat strip control.

Add summer and winter credits and save up to $70 each year!

The program works like this –
Special switches are attached to electric water heaters, central air conditioning units/heat pumps, and/or electric furnaces -- the biggest energy users in the home. A radio signal sent out from our Dispatch Center shuts off power to these appliances for short periods of time during our “peak load.”

The appliances are cycled off in such a way that you probably won’t even notice.

To qualify you must be a residential customer of Greenville Utilities, and have an electric water heater (30 gallon capacity or greater), and/or a central air conditioning unit or heat pump (1.5 tons or greater) and/or an electric furnace. If you live in an apartment or duplex, you are still eligible, but you must either own the property or have permission of the owner.

Signing up is simple! To get started, email us your name, address, phone number and account number. We'll get back with you right away. Check out our Beat-The-Peak brochure, which includes an enrollment form. After you’ve completed the postage-paid form, simply drop it in the mail.  We'll be happy to answer any questions, just call 252-551-1583.