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Electric Benefits

Outstanding Electric Reliability
99.99115% (ASAI)

2nd Largest Public Power Provider in NC, 43rd largest in the US
Greenville Utilities operates an electric distribution system serving the City of Greenville and approximately 75% of the rural portion of the County,  more than 67,000 connections with 455 square miles of service territory.

720 MVA System Capacity, 360 MW Peak Day Demand.  Purchased power is supplied through 230-kV transmission lines to three point-of-delivery substations. Our electric system currently has 19 distribution substation sites. At each of these distribution substations, transformers reduce voltage to 12.5 kV.

Design and Construction
GUC’s Electrical Engineering team works closely with companies to design and construct the electric temporary service needed quickly once new and expanding companies have an approved site plan.  The team can construct necessary infrastructure extension with a weeks of notice to proceed.

Additional Capacity
A 20 MVA (40 MVA future) substation is under construction in the industrial park area to provide additional capacity to Indigreen Corporate Park and surrounding areas.. 

Standby/Peak Generations
GUC offers the installation and operation of peak shaving generators as one of many strategies that GUC employs as part of its Load Management Program to offer an option for additional redundancy and cost savings.  Historically our Load Management Program has been successful due to the open communication we have with our industrial and commercial customers. Many have taken advantage of peak shaving opportunities by installing on-site generation.


Water Benefits

Excess Capacity
GUC’s water system serves more than 35,300 customer connections and has the capacity to supply up to 23.5 million gallons per day (MGD), compared to a current average day demand of 13 MGD. Currently, the Water Treatment Plant is under construction and will provide an additional 10 MGD capacity.

Quality, Dependable and Safe
The water supplied to GUC’s customers consistently meets higher standards than state and federal regulations require. The highly-trained, state-certified staff at our Water Treatment Plant continuously monitors the treatment process to ensure our water meets regulatory requirements and performs more than 100,000 tests on hundreds of substance each year to ensure quality.  Link to the Water Quality Report

Wholesale Service
GUC provides wholesale service to other communities in the region.  Off system water sales to Bethel, Farmville, Winterville, Greene County and Stokes Regional Water Corporation.


Wastewater Benefits

Excess Capacity
GUC’s state of the art facility has the capacity to treat 17.5 MGD and serves more than 29,000 customer connections.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant staff treats an average of 10.54 million gallons of wastewater per day (more than 3.85 billion gallons a year).

Strong Environmental Stewardship
The Wastewater Treatment Plant produces a stream of highly-treated water (effluent) that meets 95% of drinking water standards and is cleaner than raw water taken from the river. Find out more about the wastewater treatment process.

Pre-Treatment Consultation and Service Available
GUC’s Highly qualified team will meet with industries to determine the best methods waste minimization and production efficiencies to water usage to best achieve maximum cost savings.


Natural Gas Benefits

Largest Public Natural Gas Supplier in NC
More than 23,000 customer connections 

More than 13,800 DT Available Capacity

Competitive Rates
Gas purchasing is an important aspect to reduce costs. Because gas prices go up and down so rapidly, and dramatically, GUC takes a systematic, disciplined and structured approach to our energy purchases. Our purchasing policy allows for longer-term planning. This purchasing strategy allows Greenville Utilities the best opportunity to offer our customers price stability and protection from the ups and downs of the market.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility
Greenville Utilities has applied the load management concept to natural gas, using liquefied natural gas during periods of high demand as a cost saving measure. GUC’s LNG facility allows us to ensure our system is always reliable. Recent Expansion has increased the facility to six storage tanks,  with which increases our LNG storage capacity by 50% for a total of 330,000 gallons. 

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility
GUC’s compressed natural gas fueling facility is located in close proximity to the Industrial and Business Parks.  Local industrial and commercial businesses not only have a less expensive fueling option for their large fleets, but can keep their fueling dollars locally.


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