Locating Utilities

Locating Utilities

811 LogoNC 811 provides information you need about the location of underground utility lines that could save you time and keep you safe.

Call Now, Dig Later

If you are planning to dig on your property, call 811 at least three full working days in advance and NC 811 will assist you in finding out if there are underground lines you need to avoid. 

NC 811 operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

Your call sets this process in motion:

  1. Utilities with underground lines near the site are notified
  2. Utilities mark underground lines with flags or paint
  3. Color-coded flags or paint mark the area:
  • Red = Electric
  • White - Proposed excavation
  • Pink = Temporary survey marking
  • Green = Sewer
  • Blue = Water
  • Orange = Telephone, television, or other communication line
  • Yellow = Gas, oil, or steam

This one phone call could save you from disrupted service, expensive repairs or personal injury. For more information, visit NC811.org.

Look Up…Look Out! 
Find out more about the High Voltage Safety Act and working near overhead power lines.

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