AutoPay is GUC’s automatic bill payment service. It’s convenient, safe, and easy. You simply authorize payment of your monthly utility bill from your checking or savings account. No stamps, no envelopes, no worries.

Here’s how it works: You will receive your regular, monthly utility bill as usual. On the due date, GUC will draft the amount owed from the bank account of your choice. Your bank statement and utility bill will then show your payment has been made.  

It's automatic and it’s free! Plus, you can use AutoPay for more than one GUC account.

You can even set up the maximum amount to be drafted. This can help protect you if you have a higher than normal bill; you will still be responsible for paying your full bill, it will simply cap how much is automatically drafted from your bank account.

Signing up is easy! Simply log into My Account  and click on Billing & Payment then Manage AutoPay. You can also click on Auto Pay in the Account Details section of the page.