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Energy Services

Since 1977, GUC’s Energy Services Office has been a source of helpful reliable energy information. Customers call and visit the office daily for assistance with a variety of energy-related matters—from recommending simple water heater temperature settings to locating air leakage in duct systems. Experienced Energy Services Specialists are available at no charge to help.

Greenville Utilities would like you to get the most from your energy dollars by taking advantage of our programs. For further information, just call the Energy Services Office at 252-551-1521.

Energy Survey Program
GUC offers free Energy Surveys for residential and light commercial structures. One of our Energy Specialists will make a comprehensive on-site evaluation, checking for insulation, air sealing, heating and cooling systems, moisture-related issues, air quality, ducts, and other energy-related items. After careful analysis of your specific situation, the Specialist will suggest measures to reduce energy usage. You will be given a written follow-up report so that you can make informed decisions on energy improvements in your home.

The GUC Energy Services office was one of the pioneers in the use of energy-efficient building diagnostics tools. We were one of the first groups in the state to use infrared thermography and blower door technology, which can pinpoint costly leaks in your home. These tools are used during the Energy Survey to help find ways to reduce your energy costs.

Want to schedule an Energy Survey? You can e-mail your request or call the Energy Services Office at 551-1521.

Here's a video overview of an Energy Audit:



E-300 Program
Greenville Utilities' E-300 award program for residential and light commercial structures sets the standard for energy efficiency in the community. To meet E-300 program requirements, builders or homeowners submit plans for evaluation by an Energy Specialist. Recommendations for overall “house-as-a-system” thermal design, insulation types and levels, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and design, solar orientation, and other energy-saving features are made on the basis of a computerized load calculation. If the structure’s heat loss falls within the program’s acceptable levels, the house initially qualifies for the E-300 award. To verify installation of energy efficient features, the structure is carefully inspected at several stages of construction, and is issued a completion certificate when all requirements are completed. Click here for more information.

Consulting Services
Specialists in our Energy Services Office are available for consultations at no charge. Customers may get advice on proper sizing of heating and cooling equipment, new construction, remodeling, and other energy-related matters.

Information Booths
We bring our message to the public several times each year with our mobile displays. Look for us trade shows and special events. Energy Specialists are always on hand to answer questions and distribute information. 

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