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Start or Stop Service

Our friendly Customer Contact Specialists are ready to help!

New to GUC? Get started here!

Welcome! New to Greenville Utilities? Speed up and simplify the application process right here online. Requests for new service can be made up to ten days in advance.  Start the application process. You can also visit us at our Main Office, located at 401 S. Greene Street or GUC Express at 509 SE Greenville Blvd.

Current customers wishing to add new services, log in to My Account.

Business/Commercial customers can call  252-752-7166 to start their accounts.

Stop/Disconnect Service 
You may disconnect your services  online. You can also disconnect your services in person or over the telephone by calling 252-752-7166. Normally, your electric, gas or water service will be disconnected one working day after you contact us. Disconnect requests can be made up to one month in advance. Once your service is disconnected, we will apply any deposit to your final bill and refund any credit balance. The Customer Contact Representative will need a forwarding address for your final bill and/or refund.

Transfer Service 
Moving to a new place in our service area? If your account is in good standing and no money is due, you may transfer services  online. You can also transfer services by calling  252-752-7166. Or if you like, take care of transferring service in person at one of our offices. Normally your service will be transferred in one working day. Transfer requests can be made up to two weeks in advance. If you are a student and the account is in your parents’ name, you'll need to come in to one of our local offices to transfer services. You'll also need to come in if you have a co-signer.

Depend on Life Support Equipment In Your Home?
GUC's  Priority Customer Program identifies customers who use life support equipment at their residences. These customers are provided special consideration in the event of power outages or during routine maintenance of electric service lines. For more information or to be considered a priority customer, please let us know when applying for service or contact us at  252-551-3364.

Apply In Person
You may also apply for services in person. You will need to provide us with the following:

  • A deposit (more information)
  • Address where services are to be connected
  • Date for services to be connected
  • Driver’s License or state issued ID number
  • Complete Social Security number
  • Telephone number
  • Mailing address
  • Copy of lease, if renting

Should I Be At Home When Services Are Connected?
You must be home when your natural gas service is connected. For your safety and protection of personal property, we also encourage you to be home when your electric and water services are connected. Make sure all heat producing appliances (stoves, ovens, toasters, space heaters, clothes dryers, hair dryers, etc.) are off or unplugged before your electricity is turned on. You should also make sure that all water connections (faucets, ice makers, washing machine hookups, etc.) are completely off when your water is turned on. 

Text Messages
There are times when GUC will send the account holder text messages to remind them of an upcoming appointment (such as connecting natural gas service or installing Beat the Peak equipment). To opt out of this service, simply reply STOP to the text message.

Does GUC Collect Garbage?

No. Here's how it works ...

When City of Greenville residents activate a GUC account, the stormwater and refuse fees are activated as well. Please note that new accounts are signed up at the curbside refuse collection rate for single-family homes and the multi-family rate for residences with dumpsters. For more information about refuse collection and stormwater services, please contact the City of Greenville at  252-329-4522 or visit the City's  website.

Greenville Utilities provides billing services for the City's refuse (garbage) collection and stormwater fees. The City of Greenville provides these services, however we have found that our customers prefer to receive just one bill.

The health and welfare of our customers is our top priority. GUC uses chloramines as a disinfectant in our water treatment process. Here is some important information about chloramines for kidney dialysis patients and fish owners.