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Area Served

Greenville Utilities provides wastewa­ter service to all residents of the City of Greenville and we provide wastewater treatment service to the towns of Grimesland and Bethel. This map shows our service area. To find out if your location is served by Greenville Utilities, call 252-551-1551. 

  • To the north, we serve customers up to where NC 11 (Memorial Drive) intersects with NC 903.
  • The Town of Bethel is served by Greenville Utilities.
  • To the east, we serve the area surrounding Bradford Creek and Pactolus School. The Town of Grimesland collects wastewater from its residents and pumps it to GUC for treatment.
  • Moving southeast, we provide service to the River Hills Subdivision and the Arbor Hills Subdivision
  • To the south, we serve along Fire Tower Road, with the exception of Cherry Oaks and Camelot Subdivisions. We serve Corey Road subdivisions including Corey Ridge, Farrington, Blackwood and Tulls Cove. We currently do not serve residents in the original section of the Windsor Subdivision or Whitehall.
  • Winterville, Ayden, and Grifton are part of the Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District.
  • To the southwest, we serve the area surrounding Thomas Langston Road, up to the Taberna and Bristolmoor Subdivisions and along Frog Level Road from Forlines Road to US 13. Woodridge Subdivision is currently served by septic.  Areas south of Forlines including Manchester Subdivision are served by the Town of Winterville.
  • To the west, we serve the Lake Ellsworth area, Westgate Subdivision, Candlewick and extending on NC 43 to include Ironwood.
  • Farmville has its own system and serves Fountain as well.
  • In rural areas, not served by a town or GUC, septic tanks are used.

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