Renewables & Customer Generation

Greenville Utilities supports innovative ways to use and conserve energy sources that protect our environment.  Renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar energy, are playing an increasingly important role in meeting the nation’s energy needs.  Today, there are many renewable technologies that are commercially available to homeowners and businesses that can be safely interconnected to our electrical grid.  These resources are important to GUC’s balanced approach to meeting our region’s growing electrical needs and helping to establish a cleaner energy future.

Customers may sell the total output of their renewable energy resources to Greenville Utilities.  

The following link contains procedures, forms and agreements for GUC customers who own their own renewable electric power generation sources can interconnect to the Greenville Utilities system. 

Interconnection Procedures, Forms and Agreements

The following rate schedules are applicable for customers with solar energy facilities:

Bilateral Metering for Solar Energy Facilities Credit Rider

Residential Time of Use with Demand, Net Metering

For additional information, contact Electric Engineering at 252-551-1582 or

Information about Federal Solar Tax Credits can be found on the Energy Star and Department of Energy websites.