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Bilateral Metering (aka Buy All, Sell All)

  • Available to residential customers planning to install renewable generation systems 20 kW-AC or less.
  • Available to either Small or Medium General Service customers planning to install renewable generation systems 500 kW-AC or less.
  • Renewable generation system is interconnected directly to the grid and all energy generation is supplied directly to GUC.
  • Renewable generation system with battery storage is not allowed.
  • Requires two uni-directional meters billed at their applicable electric rate schedules.
  • Bilateral Metering for Solar Energy Facilities - Credit Rider RR3
    • Added to customer's existing electric rate schedule.
    • Customers billed for all energy in kilowatt-hours consumed from GUC under their existing rate schedule.
    • Customer credited for all renewable energy in kilowatt-hours supplied to GUC under Credit Rider (RR-3).
    • Total renewable energy supplied to GUC shall not exceed the total energy consumed from GUC in kilowatt-hours.
    • Excess renewable energy shall not accumulate and roll over to the next month's bill.


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