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Scams are an ongoing nuisance that get more sophisticated every day, and hot summer months are when scammers ramp up their calls and house visits. Don't let them fool you!

We want to help protect you by providing warning signs and tips to help you recognize if the person on the other end...Read more


Beginning June 18 and continuing until July 30, Greenville Utilities will temporarily change the disinfectant used in the water treatment process. GUC will be using chlorine rather than chloramines during this period of time.

Since December 2002, GUC has used chloramines, a mixture of...Read more


The Greenville Utilities Board of Commissioners will meet June 14, 2018.

Board meetings are held monthly in the Board Room of Greenville Utilities' Main Office Building at 401 South Greene Street. The public is welcome to attend. More...Read more


GUC shares safety information with customers on a regular basis. When it comes to natural gas safety, our communications are designed to comply with a federal rule which specifies key messages that need to be communicated. The rule also requires us to evaluate how well our communications are...Read more


The North Carolina Legislature has passed a law which provides a uniform way all public water and sewer systems may charge development fees. Development fees are the way public utilities cover the costs of Capital improvements and/or existing facilities required to serve new development as...Read more