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Greenville Utilities Piloting Innovative Technologies

Greenville Utilities is exploring new technologies to help business customers who want more options to lower their fleet’s carbon emissions. A pilot project is underway to study the efficiency of absorbed natural gas (ANG) for light-duty trucks and vans and the use of low-pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) pumping stations.  

The ANG technology allows the use of natural gas to power vehicles at lower pressures than required for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. GUC operates a CNG filling station at 290 Easy Street in Greenville which utilizes high-pressure pumps to fuel CNG vehicles. Using ANG makes it possible for businesses to have natural gas fueling appliances at their place of business. ANG vehicles can fill up slowly overnight at the business, where they would normally be parked (similar to having an electric vehicle charging station) so they wouldn’t need to travel to a gas or CNG station to fill up.  

Greenville Utilities is using some of its fleet trucks to test both technologies (ANG and the low-pressure appliances) with success.  

“We’ve been fueling two of our trucks with the ANG system since the end of last summer,” said Durk Tyson, Assistant Director of Gas Systems. “The truck operation is no different from conventional fuels and the drivers appreciate having a full tank every morning so that they don’t have to spend time at the gas pumps. This system would be perfect for plumbers, electricians, or any business that has light-duty fleet vehicles.” 

Businesses that use ANG vehicles in their fleet and park them at the business overnight would be able to purchase and install a small appliance which can refuel up to two vehicles at a time. The benefits would be financial, convenience, and environmental. GUC’s natural gas is less expensive than an equivalent amount of gasoline or diesel, which means businesses could spend less on fuel. Refueling appliances located at a business means employees waste less time traveling to and filling up at gas stations. Natural gas burns cleaner than petroleum products, making it better for the environment. 

GUC has been a leader in eastern North Carolina in providing access to CNG for fueling both private vehicles as well as industrial fleets. East Carolina University’s transit system and GFL (formerly Waste Industries) have been customers since GUC opened the first CNG fueling station in eastern NC in October of 2015, providing the fuel at high-pressure pumps that are similar to the pumps found at gas stations. 

For more information, please call GUC at 252-551-2048.