GUC Unveils New Website Design

After more than a year of planning and work, Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) has launched its updated website, Designed with the customer experience in mind, has been re-worked to provide visitors with a more responsive site and easier access to the information customers want and need.

“We started with the customers in mind, both residential and business,” said Public Information Officer / Communications Manager Steve Hawley. “Staff from all departments came together and analyzed the data of how our customers were using the website to figure out what was working and what needed improvement. The group then looked at new technologies and how we could make the customer experience better with an emphasis on how customers expect us to communicate and interact with them.”

Some of these changes include a chat feature, the top search topics automatically appearing when a visitor starts typing in the search bar, an emphasis on how to manage your account online, and the latest information about GUC via social media. In addition, viewing and reporting outages are improved with a new outage map.

“One of the great new features is that the site will recognize if you are on a smartphone. If you are, and are trying to report an outage, it will offer the opportunity to call our emergency hotline, instead of forcing you to look for the phone number and then dial in a phone app. Best of all, the way the new site is set up, we will always be able to make changes based on user experience as well as new technologies as they become available,” said Hawley.

The updated site went live on December 5th. GUC’s last major website update was in 2013.