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Greenville Utilities Introduces Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Pilot Program

The Greenville Utilities Board of Commissioners has approved a pilot program offering rebates for customers who install electric vehicle charging stations. Businesses, educational institutions, multi-family dwellings, non-profit organizations, and governments will be eligible to apply for the funds.

Customers who are approved would receive a rebate up to $1,500 for installing single or dual-port charging stations on their property. Commissioners set aside $30,000 for the program. Rebates will be awarded, as approved by GUC, on a first-come, first-served basis until rebate funds are exhausted.


“We modeled this pilot project after researching rebates offered by other utilities across the country,” said Assistant Director of Electric Systems John Worrell. “Limiting the size of this initial program will allow us to study the effects on our electric system and enable us to adequately plan to accommodate more chargers as electric vehicles become more common.”

This is not GUC’s first time working with charging stations. Last year, GUC worked with Vidant Medical Center and East Carolina University to collaboratively install four dual-port charging stations on their campuses. These chargers are experiencing consistent patterns of use and helped convince staff the time was right to enhance the study by assisting more customers with adding chargers in other public locations.

For details about the program, please contact GUC’s Electric Engineering office at 252-551-1582.