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Time of Use (TOU) with Demand Net Metering (aka Net Metering)

  • Available to residential customers planning to install renewable generation systems 20kW-AC or less.
  • Allows for residential customers to utilize generated energy from the renewable system first to help offset the amount of energy consumed from GUC. Depending on the home's current energy need, renewable excess energy can be exported to GUC.
  • Battery Storage is allowed.
  • Requires one bi-directional meter with three metering registers with the ability to measure Net On Peak Energy (kWh). Net Off Peak Energy (KwH) is measured at specific hours of the day.
  • Peak Demand (kW) is the max amount of power consumed from GUC recorded during a 15-minute interval measured 24/7.
  • Customer will be assigned the ER-2 Residential TOU with Demand Net Metering rate schedule.
    • Net energy billed is energy consumed from GUC minus excess energy supplied from customer.
    • Energy credit is in the form of kWh at a 1:1 rate.
    • When the customer supplies more solar energy that what was consumed from GUC within the billing period, the customer will be billed for 0 kWh and accumulate excess energy credit.
    • Excess energy credit may accumulate to be used on future bills and reset to zero on June 30th on an annual basis.


net metering graphic