Greenville Utilities' Electric Department is dedicated to providing reliable service, supporting the economic growth of the Greenville region and maintaining rates at the lowest practical level. Ours is the second largest municipal electric system in North Carolina, both in number of customers served and quantity of electricity purchased and distributed. We provide electric service to Greenville and approximately 75% of Pitt County (service area map).

Greenville Utilities purchases electric power from the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (commonly just called "the Power Agency"). The Power Agency purchases power from Duke Energy Progress who maintains the transmission facilities needed to get the power supply to Greenville and 31 other municipally-owned utilities in eastern NC, which in turn distribute electricity to their customers.

Purchased power is supplied through 230-kV transmission lines to three point-of-delivery substations. Our electric system currently has 19 distribution substation sites. At each of these distribution substations, transformers reduce voltage to 12.5 kV. The power lines that leave these substations are called primary distribution circuits, feeder circuits or three-phase circuits. These lines are located at the top of poles about 40 feet above the ground. They have been designed to distribute power evenly on each phase. These are the power lines commonly seen paralleling the road throughout the county. Once again, the voltage on these primary distribution circuits is transformed to a lower, more usable level through distribution transformers, the gray cylindrical devices seen on top of the poles. The voltage gets reduced for residential, commercial and industrial use.