Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was placed in service in 1983 with a capacity of 12 million gallons per day (mgd). An expansion to the plant was completed in 2002, resulting in the current “rated” treatment capacity of 22.5 mgd. Since the last expansion, the customer base and system demands have continued to increase. New water use records have been set recently including an average day water demand of 12.9 mgd in 2014 and a peak day record of nearly 17.8 million gallons in 2015, which represents use of approximately 80% of the WTP rated capacity.

To continue to meet our customers’ needs, it is necessary to implement improvements. These include the expansion of our WTP from its current capacity of 22.5 mgd to 32 mgd, as well as the addition of a new elevated storage tank and several miles of large diameter transmission mains in our water distribution system.

water treatment plant