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What to Flush


Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

When things that shouldn’t be flushed are flushed, it causes problems for GUC, and the environment. Remember: disposable does NOT mean flushable. Even flushable does NOT always mean you should flush it. If the label reads “flushable,” like some toilet wipes, you are still safer and more environmentally correct to place them in the trash.

But wait! There's more!

Here’s a list of more things that should NOT be flushed:

• Aquarium gravel 
• Butane lighters
• Candy and other food wrappers
• Cigarette & cigar butts
• Coffee filters
• Condoms
• Cotton swabs
• Diapers
• Dental floss
• Feminine products
• Food scraps
• Grease
• Kitty litter
• Medicated wipes
• Medicines
• Oil
• Plastic bags & bottles
• Rags and towels
• Sponges
• Syringes
• Vitamins

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Here's a video that shows why flushing wipes that are "flushable" is NOT good: