New Operations Center

New Operations Center

With an eye to the future, the Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) Board of Commissioners voted to move towards the purchase of land on which to relocate the Operations Center, currently situated at 801 Mumford Road, at its April 21, 2016 meeting. The 82 acre site under consideration is located on NC Highway 43 and adjacent to the Highway 264 Bypass.

“This is the first step in a multi-year process to relocate the Operations Center,” said General Manager / CEO Tony Cannon. “As we serve our growing community, the new location provides opportunity for growth and expansion of our Operations Center facilities, easy access to our service area, and is not susceptible to flooding.”

Cannon said, “Last year’s flooding in Columbia, SC, was not unlike what we saw after Hurricane Floyd in 1999, where the entire Operations Center was under water.  It is a reminder of the need to plan for an accessible site to protect our assets so that we can continue to provide our life-sustaining services to our customers no matter what the weather.”

GUC spent two years searching for a new location for the Operations Center. After a thorough review of available properties, the Highway 43 West site was determined to best meet GUC’s current and long-term needs.

Similar to GUC’s current location, the new Operations Center will house engineering, human resources, finance, field and operations staff, and other related functions. The concept plan incorporates contemporary looks and natural screening for appealing aesthetics and a low impact on its surroundings.

The Board of Commissioners authorized GUC to enter into a contract to purchase the land with certain contingencies for $3,750,000.00.  GUC expects to be able to close on the property in 2017, but construction on the project will take place in phases that will extend beyond the current 5-year plan.


Ariel views of GUC's Operation Center during the Hurricane Floyd Flood event of 1999.

Conceptual drawing of the proposed Operations Center.

Location of the property.

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