Working for You

Working for You

You’ve probably seen our crews working around town. Here are some of the projects we’re working on to serve you better.

Generation Asset Sale to Duke Energy Progress

The negotiations for Duke Energy Progress to purchase NCEMPA’s (North Carolina Eastern Municipality Power Agency) ownership interests in five generation facilities has been underway since February 2014. Click here to find out what that means for GUC, and what it means for you as our customer.

Leveraging the Power of Technology

We are always working to improve your customer experience. That includes using the latest technology to make sure we are operating as efficiently as possible. We are in the midst of a major project that will simplify, standardize and consolidate our business processes. The result will be that we work seamlessly behind the scenes to provide you the exceptional service you expect from us.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Julius Phillips uses an iPad for real-time data gathering. This is one of the many ways we're using technology to serve you better.

Innovation to Serve You

Greenville Utilities is constantly improving on ways to make your customer experience the best it can be. Watch this video to see how GUC innovation works for you. If you like what you see, help us spread the word by liking and sharing it on Facebook (click for Facebook link)

Greenville Utilities Mobile Application Development from Greenville Utilities on Vimeo.

Substation Modernization

Several years ago, we began upgrading 16 of GUC’s electri­cal substations. This major capital project is almost complete, with the most recent addition of two new circuits at Frog Level Substation. This upgrade will support growth and provide relief to other circuits in the areas west of Greenville and within Winterville City limits.

Above, Electric Overhead Lineworkers Billy Owens (right) and James Forrest run “P Line” across muddy terrain to the Frog Level Substation. Running P Line (nylon-like rope) is the first of three phases in constructing the two new 600 ampere feeder lines.

Helping Our Neighbors in Washington 

Our crews headed to Washington to help with repairs following tornadoes that swept through the area on April 25th.

GUC crews working to restore power for our neighbors in Washington. 

Our Offices Were Closed, But We Were Still On The Job
January 29, 2014

Lineworkers Steve Turner and Paul Hollingsworth replacing a transformer on Old Stantonsburg Road.

Gas Department employees Robert Parker and John Daughton making sure everything is working properly at GUC's LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Facility.

Water Treatment Plant Operator Brian Shannon checking sedimentation basins.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Warren Harris and Quentin Corey making sure a pipe doesn't freeze.


Meeting the Needs of Our Community


GUC’s new Westside Regional Pump Station will accommodate all wastewater flow from Greenville’s medical district area until at least 2030. The project includes a new six-mile long force main that will take wastewater from the new pump station to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. There has been a lot of activity recently on one section of the new force main off Memorial Drive near the Greenville Airport. This 3,700 foot stretch of 30 inch main (or pipeline) will go under the Tar River and marshland surrounding the river. This portion of the pipeline is being installed utilizing a specialized technique referred to as directional drilling that will minimize the environmental impact on the wetlands.



Helping to Build Our Local Economy

Crews Working at new Wal Mart site

Electric crews are continuing their work near the interesection of Portertown Road and NC 33 East. A large shopping area will soon be ready for the Simpson side of Greenville, anchored by a large Wal-Mart.



Minimizing Disruption

Backyard Machines

GUC is always looking for ways to better serve customers. Our new mini derrick and mini bucket machines are two examples. They make backyard work, like replacing aging utility poles, more efficient. These two "backyard machines" were designed to work in small spaces, like a customer's back yard, with minimal disruption.

Increasing Reliability

Electric Distribution Grid Change

Since the 1950s, uptown Greenville electric customers have been on a networked system, and this system is going through a big change to increase reliability and safety.  Crews are working days, nights and weekends to keep customer interruptions at a minimum. 

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