Natural Gas Leak Safety

Natural Gas Leak Safety

Public safety is a top priority at GUC and is an integral part of our service commitment.

If customers smell gas inside their home, GUC advises the following:

  • First, call Greenville Utilities immediately, at our Emergency Hotline 1-855-767-2482 from a neighbor’s phone.  Call anytime, day or night, and we'll correct the problem.
  • While you're waiting for repair service, open a window, don't use any matches, and don't operate electrical switches or appliances.
  • Leave the site until the GUC representative arrives.

If customers smell natural gas outdoors, GUC recommends the following:

Call GUC immediately, at our Emergency Hotline 1-855-767-2482, and we will locate the problem with special gas detection equipment and make repairs.  If there is a major leak, such as one caused by a severe storm or excavators damaging a gas line, follow these steps:

  • Call GUC immediately.
  • Don’t smoke or light a match.
  • Don’t start any vehicles or electrical equipment near the area.
  • Try to keep others from entering the area.
  • If escape gas is burning, contact the Fire Department immediately.

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