Message from our General Manager/CEO

Tony Cannon
Tony Cannon, General Manager / CEO

On March 31st, Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order requiring all utilities in North Carolina to stop disconnecting residential customers for non-payment for the next 60 days. That includes Greenville Utilities. 

Two weeks before this order, all of us at Greenville Utilities became worried about how the pandemic was going to affect our community. We took steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 with social distancing, working from home when possible, and closing our customer service lobbies to the public, among other things. 

We also knew that businesses would have to close and that people would be out of work. So we suspended all disconnects for non-payment starting March 18th.  We did this not just for residential customers as is now required by the Governor, but for businesses too. We hoped that doing this would help our community get through this crisis. 

The Governor’s order also waives penalties, fees, and interest on amounts due and it allows customers up to six months to pay off what they owe from that 60-day suspension period. On Saturday, May 29, the Governor extended his Executive Order for another 60 days.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties paying your GUC bill, call us at 252-752-7166 and speak with a Customer Service Representative who can help craft a solution that meets your individual needs. Please keep in mind that customers will be responsible for paying for all usage and, as possible, should continue to pay on their accounts to avoid accumulating large balances. 

It’s astounding to me how eastern North Carolina shines through in times like this, just as we always have. I thank our employees and our Board of Commissioners for being flexible in how we help our customers. And I thank our customers and community for trusting us to continue providing the life-sustaining utility solutions we all depend on. 

Stay strong. Stay safe. 

Tony Cannon 
Greenville Utilities Commission General Manager / CEO