Inviting Others to View Your Account

Sharing your account access with someone else is one of the great features of our online customer self-service tool.

Say you’re a caregiver or roommate who shares bills, or a student and your parents are helping you out with bills. If they register to use the system like you did, you can give them access to your account – whether it’s just to see the account as a guest or even pay the bill electronically.

When you are logged into the system, click on Manage Accounts and you’ll get a list of all of the accounts you have access to (this is the same page where you originally enrolled your account).

Click on the little arrow next to your account. You have several options here to: remove your own access to the account, add a nickname (like stately "Wayne Manor" or "Pirate’s Lair", whatever you want - you’ll be the only one to see it), or to invite someone else to have access to your account.

Click on the Invite button, put in that person’s email address, and choose the type of access you want to give. They will need to register with the system to access the account.

Guest Access means they can see the account, but not pay bills or make changes. Account Holder lets them do everything you can do.

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