Thanks for visiting our new customer self service page! We want you to know a couple things:

  • First, this is a new system, so all users need to register in the system to create a new User Name and password. All user names, passwords, and account numbers prior to July 5, 2016 are no longer valid.
  • Then, you login and enroll your account using your new account number (click here to get new account number) and your four digit personal identification number (PIN). Your PIN (in most cases) is the last four digits of the primary account holder's social security number.
  • Not working? Please call 752-7166 during regular business hours or watch the videos below to help you with registration and enrolling your account.
  • You can also click here for help.

More than just a better user-interface which is also mobile-friendly, you will be able to take advantage of new features that will give you more flexibility in how you manage your GUC business. 

As before, you will be able to start/stop/transfer service, view and pay your bill, and review your usage. New to the system, you’ll be able to set up your own user name and password (no more having to remember your account number after you register). You will also be able to select email notifications to alert you when your bill is ready, when it’s due, and when it has been paid.

Good news for parents, roommates, and caregivers – using this site, you can give other people access to your account, either as a visitor (read only) or account holder (full access). If you have multiple accounts, you’ll be able to enroll them all under one registered user name. That will be especially helpful if you own or manage multiple properties. You can even give your accounts descriptive nicknames to help you keep track of them.

The new Customer Self Service area also has enhanced security features. The first time you sign in, you will need to register and verify your contact information. This involves several simple steps and we have directions posted on our website (click on get help now) to assist you.

Important Things You Need to Know

Re-register for Online Access – the new Customer Self Service is a whole new system, so everyone wanting to use the system will need to register for online access – even if you currently have an online account.

New Account Number – Beginning July 5, 2016, you’ll notice that you have a new 10-digit account number on your bill. You will need this new number the first time you access Customer Self Service and enroll your account.

You can get your new account number online or over the phone. Just click on the find my account # button above or call 252-752-7166 and follow the prompts to enter your seven-digit account number and retrieve your ten-digit number.

Please note, if you use your bank’s online bill pay services, you will need to update your GUC account number with your bank.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) –you’ll need to know your PIN the first time you log in and enroll your account. For current GUC customers, this will probably be the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number. Customers who sign up for new service after July 5, 2016, will be able to select their own PIN.

eBill Customers –  If you already use eBill, our paperless billing option, you will need to sign up for paperless billing again. Every GUC customer will receive a paper bill in July, and then monthly until they sign up for eBill in the new system.

Automatic Draft – If you are currently signed up for EZ Pay and your payment is drafted automatically from your bank account each month, your information will carry over into the new Customer Self Service system. Please note that this option is getting a new name, Auto Pay.

Click to Pay – We have enhanced the security of the Click to Pay option. The new system will not store your bank account information as the current system does. You’ll need to type in your routing and account information each month.

We hope you will love the new Customer Self Service section as much as we do! Behind the scenes, our internal processes are designed to run more smoothly too so that we can bring you the best service possible!

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